Let’s color these folders !

Hey guys (and ladies), how about coloring your folders ?

Now, you can !

When you crate or edit a folder, you can pick a custom color. It will automatically be applied to folder’s children too.

A little something to help you organize your bookmarks :)

Do you like maps ?

I do. And when I saw that feeds can embed data such as latitude and longitude, I wanted to display a map. Now, it’s done !

When a feed or a feed item contains latitude and longitude, the feed’s details dialog and the preview panel will contain a simple map to locate the point-of-interest, thanks to leaflet and OpenStreetMaps.

Site’s opening

So, this is the first post, which the sole purpose is to announce the global availability of Cyca.

Cyca is an application on which I’ve been working for more than a decade. For diverses reasons, I’ve never published it until now. I’ve modernized it, loaded it with some cool features, refreshing it’s interface, and now, I’m confident it will satisfy everyone who needs an online, self-hosted bookmarks and feeds manager.

Welcome aboard !