I know: you were dying waiting for testing Cyca with your own bookmarks, but you didn’t want to manually add each and every one of your hundred ones. Well, good news: Cyca is now able to import them !

For now, Cyca can read Netscape bookmarks file format and OPML, so you can fill your bookmarks and feeds already. You can import and export from and to Cyca file format, a simple and light JSON file.

Thanks to a modular subsystem, more file formats will be made available from time to time. Fell free to contact me if you use something more exotic !

Contextual menus available

Hello, dear users,

I just add context menus to bookmarks, feeds and community.

By mixing regular HTML5 components

and and the jQuery-contextMenu library, you can use context menus whatever your browser is (as long as it’s a graphical browser of course…). But if you’re using any compatible browser (like Firefox), these menus will be integrated in the native browser’s context menu.

So, fetch the latest source and try it yourself !

Update: v0.2.0

v0.2.0 ? What happened to v0.1.0 ?

In fact, I omitted to announce the release of the v0.1.0 because I may have released it too fast. There were still a couple of anoying bugs. Now these bugs are fixed and some of the majors features I wanted to implement are available, it’s time to release the v0.2.0.

You can review the changelist below.

From v0.1.0 to v0.2.0

Cosmetic - Some settings were reorganized
Fix - The path to the GeoIP database was hard-coded
Fix - The update process no longer stops when an error occurs during geolocalization
Language - Updated French language
Added - Instructions for geolocalization
Added - The installer now displays a message with a link to download GeoLite2 City database
Feature - You can view on a map servers localization
Language - Updated French language
Feature - It is now possible to display details of each enclosure
Feature - Feed item enclosures can now be fetched (closes #4)
Cosmetic - Feeds that contain unread items now appear bold
Removed - Existence of current feed image is no longer based on a hash but on it's url
Cosmetic - Fixed the max-width of images in feed item preview's aside
Cosmetic - Fixed the max-width of images and maps in feed item preview
Fix - Incorrect variable name prevented to update feed item source
Cosmetic - Added missing spaces in console output
Fix - Fixed a typo

From v0.0.1 to v0.1.0

Fix - Fixed another SQL error upon first log in after install by delaying the save of currently selected folder (#1)
Fix - Added missing breakpoints in the poller, corrected the detection of the feed_id field in the bookmark table
Language - Updated French language
Added - A success message is shown after installation
Fix - Corrected the SQL error upon first login after install (closes #1)
Fix - Added missing .bowerrc file which leads to incorrect installation of javascript assets (closes #9)
Fix - Simplepie now uses fsockopen instead of cURL
Fix - Stylesheets and Javascripts from different pages are no longer mixed
Feature - It is now possible to pick a custom color per folder
Fix - Misconfigured CssMin plugin caused fa-spin not to spin
Feature - Maps are now parametrables from the admin interface
Fix - Added missing _cols_ attribute to textarea
Fix - Textarea doesn't contain blank characters anymore
Feature - Feeds and feed items containing latitude/longitude data will now show in a map
Enhancement - When a document/feed has no title, the text "Untitled document" is shown instead of a blank
Removed - Unnecessary code
Replacement - Munee has been replaced by Assetic in assets management (closes #2)
Fix - Added missing variables to the main theme less file
Refactoring - Code refactoring of all the updaters subsystems
Fix - Unread feed items count was incorrect when user has not already marked items as read
Fix - Updater options were incorrect for item sources
Feature - Items sources are now fetched (closes #3)
Fix - When a copyright is detected, only the text will be displayed in console output, not the full object
Fix - No newline appended if no coordinates were declared
Feature - Links in copyrights are now clickable
Fix - Added missing javascript variable to determine available features
Fix - Multilines toolbars are better displayed
Fix - The poller now behave correctly when either feeds, bookmarks or community management is disabled
Fix - The bookmarklet now behave correctly when either feeds or bookmarks management is disabled
Fix - Document visits counter is now correctly incremented when opened from a share
Minor change - Assets are passed to munee through the setFiles method instead of filling $_GET
Feature - Assets are now always minified
Comments - Added missing comments, removed unused ones
Feature - IMAP authentication module (closes #5)
Fix - Fixed a typo
Security - Implemented anti-CSRF tokens in forms (closes #7)
Fix - Default method (get/post) is no longer called if an array of methods was specified in the route settings
Fix - Maximum width of images in item preview adjusted

From v0.0.0 to v0.0.1

Added - The details page now contains the date of the latest feed item's update
Added - Missing translations
Fix - The content of humans.txt, robots.txt and whois informations were presented on a single line because of the usage of the trim_ex() function
Fix - Some labels were not translated if the profile language is different from the global language