Cyca allows you to manage bookmarks and feeds pretty much like you would manage files in a file browser, organizing them in folders. Cyca also allows you to share bookmarks and feeds with your friends.

Interface features

  • You can reorder main tabs (right to the logo)
  • You can drag’n’drop folders to folders, bookmarks to folders, feeds to folders
  • You can sort any listview on any column
  • You can sort on multiple columns by shift-clicking on it
  • You can select multiple bookmarks or feed items by holding the control or the shift key
  • You can resize the folders panels

Bookmarks and feeds

  • You can see extensive details about a bookmark or a feed in a dedicated dialog
  • You can add a bookmark or a feed right from the app by submitting nothing more but a URL, or using the provided bookmarklet


  • The preview panel allows you to read your feed items in a convenient way
  • It also gives you details regarding opened feed item
  • If a feed item contain an audio or video file, you can play it from the preview panel


  • Have a friends list…
  • And share things with them !
  • You can add messages to your shares…
  • And add some emojis to them
  • You can have a randomly generated one-color avatar if you want…
  • And if you’re lucky, you can have it multi-color :)