Behind the scene

When writing Cyca for the nth time, I decided that I wanted to focus on aesthetics and features instead writing my own code as I’ve always did. It doesn’t mean I’ve written nothing for Cyca, it just mean I chosed to rely on existing, well-known libraries.

Besides, it’s the Open-source philosophy. Not reinventing the wheel, reuse code.

I wanted to dedicate a page to these libraries.


Smarty – Smarty is a template engine. One of the oldest, but still in use and well supported. I use it in almost all my projects.

PHPMailer – Once again, probably one of the oldest but still active mailer libraries. And once again, I use it everywhere.

RedBean – The Object Relationship Management. Clever, powerful, easy to use, the best I’ve ever used.

Parsedown – This library changed my life, by allowing me to easily send mails as both HTML and raw text. I later have found other usages for it as I really love it.

ConsoleKit – One thing I liked with CakePHP was how it enables custom shells. I found ConsoleKit to be even better at this.

SimplePie – It may be old, and not updated since last year, but all the good stuff Cyca has to offer in feeds management is due to it.

Assetic – I’ve always been a big fan of munee, but I have to say that Assetic is a lot more powerful. I don’t think I can use something else anymore.


Font-awesome – Do I need to say something about it ?

jQuery/jQuery-ui – Same question :)

Normalize.css – The mother of all stylesheets. Maybe the whole world is relying on it.

Ink – The best CSS framework I’ve ever used to make responsive and compatible HTML emails

DataTables – The biggest javascript libreary in use in Cyca. It’s because of it that Cyca needs 0.78s to load :) But every byte of DataTables worth it.

Chosen – How can we live without it ? This component transforms your