Update: v0.3.3 – Important bugfix

This update fixes a bug that could prevent the installer from working. It also allows you to select how many shares you want to display per page in the community tab.

Fix - The installer does not rely on CommonController anymore, avoiding the call to the Auth class that would cause an issue with database-based sessions (closes #14)
Feature - It is now possible to choose how many shares to display per page
Cleanup - Removed obsolete code

Thanks to Chris for pointing out the installer bug !

Update: v0.3.2 – Community, better

Hello, users of Cyca,

I’m glad to present to you an update (v0.3.2) of the community page. Instead of having this blank page (unless someone shared something with you), and opening that dialog to see the history, you now have access to everything you shared with your friends (and vice-versa) in a nice and expressive list. Hope you enjoy !


Update: v0.3.1

Here comes an important update. It will fix most of the bugs found right after installing Cyca for the first time. Also, there are some improvements in the updater subsystem (please read the documentation because it changes how you launch it). You can find the changelist below, as usual.

Language - Updated French language
Fix - Poller now returns community unread items count only when necessary
Update - Updated readme with informations relative to the updater
Fix - Fixed a bug causing a feed to be continuously appended to the update queue when SimplePie couldn't be initialized
Fix - Feeds weren't updated properly when database structure is incomplete
Fix - The process file created by the updater now matches the type of object being updated
Fix - Increased delay before saving current selected folder from 100 to 200 ms
Fix - Reduced delay before saving current selected folder from 1000 to 100 ms
Fix - Existing documents or feeds weren't detected properly when database structure is incomplete
Fix - The initial URL is used to open a bookmark if the real URL is empty
Fix - There was a SQL error when polling unread feed items or community events
Fix - There was a SQL error when trying to count unread items per feed
Fix - Feed items were not updated due to a bug
Various - Various improvement in the updater subsystem make it faster, more reliable and simpler to maintain
Fix - An exception in the favicon updater won't break the update process anymore

Update: v0.3.0

A little changelog from v0.2.0 to v0.3.0, but with some features that required more work than usual:

Feature - Basic themes management (closes #13)
Feature - Import/export (closes #8)
Cleanup - Fileupload plugin is now loaded in the main call to _register_javascript
Feature - Submit button in modal is disabled upon click until a response comes from server
Cosmetic - Toolbar items are now grouped so items of a group won't wrap
Language - Updated French language
Feature - Bookmarks and feeds treeviews and listviews and friends list now have context menus (closes #11)
Cosmetic - Treeview selection is now triggered on mousedown rather than click
Cleanup - Removed obsolete code related to munee
Feature - Orphans are automatically deleted after a configurable amount of time (closes #10)
Fix - Cyca was complaining about the inexistence of the feeditem table upon fresh install (closes #12)
Cosmetic - If the real url of a document is missing, the initial url is displayed instead of a blank
Fix - Added missing code to remove a friend from friends list
Optimization - Additional javascript is no longer required for toolbars
Cosmetic - Minor markup adjustments
Fix - Path to images used by chosen is now correct