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A Week of Dev #12

v0.9, The UI Update

I have released The UI Update.

After releasing it, I have encountered several issues, and some of which have already been fixed.

Fixes and improvements…

  • Sometimes, Cyca was unable to find an unread feed item to select after marking one as read because it tried to select it before the new list was actually loaded
  • Text color of a hovered unread feed item was incorrect
  • Added missing g flag to highlight expressions regex
  • The unread items folder icon’s color was not updated with unread feed items count
  • The link to the microblog was wrong
  • Folder creation, suppression and moving had a bug preventing the folders list to refresh

Other things needed improvement:

  • Adjusted sensitivity so loading next batch of elements in an infinite-loading list happens sooner when scrolling
  • Clicking on a group now selects the Unread feed items folder in that group

…and broken stuff

However, due to the fact that I have removed laravel/horizon from Cyca’s dependencies, and moreover, to the fact that I forgot I did 😓, Cyca’s Docker image is broken. The queues service tries to run php artisan horizon but can’t find it anymore.

This is why I have removed GitHub repository that hosted the docker-compose.yaml file and examples, because I’m not sure I will keep it in future updates. I am going to explore other possibilities.

I haven’t tested a workaround for now, but the idea is that instead of horizon, a docker service would run supervisor and directly call php artisan queue:work as many times as the number of processes you want to run. I have to revise my container testing process to do this, which is why I have to work a little on my home network for a few days.

What’s next

Once my home network satisfies me, meaning when I added computers/VMs/whatever than can help me properly debug and test Cyca’s Docker image, I will find a solution to run queues without the need of redis, upgrade Cyca’s documentation, and when I’m sure everything works as expected, I will launch the v1.0, aka Cyca Revoluta. I wish I can do this by the end of next week, but it could be later.

Thanks for your patience…