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A Week of Dev #10

It has been long (21 days since the previous commit) but, finally, v0.8 is there ! The Groups Update, the biggest to date by far, brings groups into Cyca. I let you read the blog post to know about the details.

Fixes and QoL enhancements

Since the publication of the v0.8, I’ve been working on improving various UI elements.

For instance, the checkboxes used to set default permissions on a folder had an erratic behavior, due to VueJS caching their state. I struggled a bit, but ultimately, I found how to make this work.

There was a bug that prevented to mark feed items as read when doing so from the parent folder. It was due to an incorrect SQL query to list associated documents.

Another, potentially annoying, bug was related to the list of documents containing unread feed items that wasn’t updated in the Unread items folder. Bam ! Fixed too !

The dupplicates list was fundamentally flawed, making it useless. Now, it displays a nice list of every folders containing the same document as currently shown, and every member of this list is a clickable breadcrumbs which directs you to corresponding folder, even if it is located in another group.

Follow me on ActivityPub

My twitter account is still suspended, and I still couldn’t get in touch with them to solve the problem. I’ve always known about this specific problem to such platforms but until now, I’ve never faced it directly.

Well, I don’t care for twitter anymore. I understand they have to face a lot of spam and I respect them for that. But I don’t want to wait anymore, so I decided to finally do what I should have done since the beginning (but I haven’t because I didn’t have a proper server yet !). Starting from now, you can follow me on ActivityPub. I’m [email protected]. Look at that: I’m going social ! Who knew 😅

What’s next

I will mainly focus on accessing public groups, which means provide a form to search for groups that might interest you.

For now, the public groups you will be able to join are groups created locally on your instance.

The obvious extension to this would be to connect Cyca instances on some way, so you can join groups from users outside of your instance, but let’s face it: it would require a lot of work, and I’m not willing to do that right now. But just for you to know: it is planned in my roadmap. I just don’t know how to do it “the right way” yet.

After that, I would like to work on some delegation features. If you created a group that attracted a lot of people, nobody would want this group to disappear should you leave Cyca. So I was thinking about a way for you to designate somebody to take the group over if your user is to be removed.