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Backup your bookmarks !

It’s time to backup your bookmarks, the upcoming v0.8 is arriving soon ! I made a lot of changes to the database for the new version so you will need to export your bookmarks, upgrade to v0.8, then import your bookmarks again. Don’t worry, it’s really easy to do.

First, go to your account, then click on the “Export” link. Choose a destination file and click “Save”.

Next, upgrade Cyca. Well, not yet, when the v0.8 is out, which should be tomorrow if everything goes fine. This update requires you to wipe your database, so once again, be sure you exported everything you need.

Using docker

The following commands assume you are in the folder that contains your docker-compose.yaml file.

Stop your containers, update the image, and start the containers again:

docker-compose down
docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d

Now, wipe your database:

docker exec cyca_app_1 php artisan migrate:fresh

Assuming cyca_app_1 is the name of Cyca’s main container, otherwise modify the command accordingly.

Native installation

If you are not using Docker, you pretty much only need to wipe the database using the following command, assuming you are in Cyca’s root directory:

php artisan migrate:fresh


Now you can browse to your instance, register again, then go to your account, click on the “Import” link, choose the file you previously exported, and you’re done !

Why “starting from scratch” ?

I made a lot of modification to the database, so the folders, bookmarks, feeds and feed items are associated to your user in a different way. The current associations are lost after the upgrade. I am not more specific yet so I don’t spoil you about the content of the v0.8.

Maybe I could/should have built a migration tool, but considering the current state of Cyca, I still think it just wouldn’t worth the time spent on it.

Besides, according to Cyca’s roadmap (which I’m going to publish soon), there won’t be any more huge database modifications, and there is no plans on changing association between users, folders, bookmarks, etc. after the v0.8. I have a lot of things to work on, but the database should be stable enough for some time.