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New Server Has Arrived !

I’ve received the new server a day before it was expected 🎉

Technical details

It is a Beelink T34-M. It boasts an Intel Gemini-Lake Celeron N3450, 4GB of DDR3, 64GB of eMMC, and is very small. Yet, it offers 4 USB3 ports, one HDMI connector, and even if I’m going to use its gigabit ethernet port, it also offers Wifi (b/g/n/ac).

It will host a demo instance and maybe other things related to Cyca, but I want to release the new version first, which should be soon.


I am not going to give you a full review of this computer, as it’s not my job and you will find more exhaustive details on the web, but I wanted to share with you my first impressions.

The box it came in is nice and sturdy: it could be reused, and I will do so. A patch of foam protects the top of the computer, which rests on a compartment where you can find accessories. The manual comes in multiple languages, including mine (French). I have seen worst translations.

It’s shipped with - obviously - the AC adpater and a VESA mount kit, but also two HDMI cords (one short, one long) which is a nice thought. Everything is well wrapped, and the cords even got protective caps.

You can see the tiny tiny fan on the bottom of the computer. It will take place in a closet under the stairs, so nobody will hear it, but if you are interested in it, keep in mind it’s not fanless.

The bottom of the computer also has a “Quick Setting Button Description”, which is always good to have as a reminder, although you can see the same information when powering the server on.

I would say connectors are minimal, but largely enough to me.

I am so glad there are no markings on the front of the computer like on the official product page…

And its natural habitat, surrounded by my other small server (a Kodlix GN41, on the bottom left, which hosts my personnal instance of Cyca, as well as HomeAssistant and some other self-hosted software) and my NAS (Synology DS-216play on the bottom right). Sorry for the picture quality: as it’s under stairs, there is no room behind me to take a decent picture…

For the curious, the switch is a TP-Link SG1016 16 ports gigabit ethernet switch, there are two Raspberry Pi 4B 2GB on the top shelf (each running on an external SSD), and you can’t see it but on the top right, there is my router, gifted to me by my best friend Christopher, a PC-Engines apu1d4 running OpnSense.

I can’t wait to install it and let you test-drive Cyca !