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A Week of Dev #8

No commit or new version this week as anticipated, but a lot of work has been done ! Without spoiling you about the big feature I’m still working on, this is a - rather incomplete - list of what was done since the last “A week of dev”.

List of upcoming changes

  • I have rewritten most of the controllers to make use of models policies and FormRequests when appropriate
    • This greatly enhance security
    • It relieves the controllers from doing these checks
    • Code is lighter, better to read, better to expand
    • I have reviewed controllers actions actually used in the UI to trim unnecessary routes from the javascript
    • I optimized all the SQL queries to load folders, documents and feed items
  • Fixed a bug preventing to update a folder, including expanding/collapsing.
  • Whole branch is automatically expanded when selected folder is within collapsed branch after a page load, so a selected folder is always visible.
  • It is now possible to toggle expand or collapse a folder’s branch (including root) by long-clicking its toggle icon. Regular click expands or collapses the folder itself but not children.

  • When loading the tree, selected folder is placed in the middle of the screen instead of top (same applies to selected document and selected feed item).
  • Fixed document and folder moving.
  • Fixed unread feed items folder icon color.
  • Long URL in the details panel breaks in new line.
  • Selecting folder occurs on the mousedown event instead of click, improving responsiveness of documents and feeds load
  • Fixed wrong unread items count after deleting a folder or a document
  • Document details are loaded once the document appears in the preview panel
    • This greatly speed up loading of documents and feed items lists and reduces bandwidth use
    • Details are stored on the client side so going back to the document won’t trigger a re-loading
  • Folder description has been improved a lot in the history view:

In v0.7.9:

In upcoming v0.8.0:

A bit more patience…

These modifications are the result of a huge code review I made during the week, in order to prepare for the future of Cyca. This code review occurred during my work on the new feature and is part of it, so I didn’t commit each modification as I got used to, although if my git skills were better, I could have.

In any case, the modifications listed above will be made available in the next release, which should occur next week.

I assure you: the result will worth the wait. It will be a huge release, with a lot of improvements, both in terms of user experience and performances. Almost every aspect of Cyca had its share of modifications. It has been a very long process, and it’s still not done, but it’s needed for the v0.8.0, and the followings.

Thanks for reading, and waiting. The v0.8.0 will be released this week !