A Week of Dev #5

The “highlights” update

I published Cyca v0.5 during the week-end. It adds a new feature called “highlights”, which allows you to make some expressions stand out in feed items. I let you read the announcement for more details.

Official website

I added few pages to the documentation section of official website. You have now access to:

I translated the whole website to French, except the developer’s blog, which will stay available only in English.


I made the “My account” and “Log out” links always visible in the bottom left of the screen, instead of being part of the folders tree. I thought it to be more practical than having to scroll all the way down the folders tree to reach my account settings while not drastically reducing tree’s height.

I had a major issue with ziggy, which makes available routes defined in Laravel to javascript. I removed ziggy from Cyca’s dependencies and rewritten the code that shares routes between backend and frontend which may have introduces some bugs (I should have fixed most of them by now).


As you may have already read, I had problems with Docker

I don’t want to talk about that again 😙

Althought, I might have to next week…

v0.6.0, The Import/export update

I let you read the announcement for details.

I forgot to mention: a folder and some bookmarks are added upon user creation, so Cyca doesn’t feel empty at first, plus it will give you direct access to Cyca’s news and links


Redis is no longer a requirement. I have been using Laravel Horizon as Cyca’s queue manager. It’s a great tool for debugging purposes, but there is no reason to keep it in the main codebase anymore.

While redis is not required anymore, Cyca still can make use of it, you just have to manually set a redis server up. Cyca now uses database as the default queues adapter.

Tiny bits

I added a polyfill to the “Share” button. While the Web Share API is a Web Standard, it’s still a draft, and therefore not supported everywhere yet. But adding a polyfill was easy, and now every browser can use the “Share” button. On unsupported browsers, however, the button will open a new, pre-filled email to send to your contacts, instead of the share dialog opened by your operating system.

There was a small bug that prevented refreshing documents and feeds lists when deleting a folder.

I fixed what I think it could have been a security issue: theme name is now being formatted before saved to disk to avoid code injection.

The environment variable APP_KEY is not required to be set prior to running Cyca anymore: it is automatically set if empty during startup.

What’s next

Next week, I am going to start working on a feature I’m dying to present to you, a feature that, as far as I know, was not seen in any other feed reader I’ve been testing over the years, not to mention bookmarks managers that are rather limited otherwise. And it will be so easy to use, and so versatile, I believe that even if you wouldn’t think it’s for you at first, you will end up using it anyways.

Besides that new feature, I also want to work on the docker image. I’m still far from being satisfied with it, and I really need to improve it. As you may know, I’m frustrated with docker at the moment, but I want to make things the right way. I am going to work on that during next week.