0.5, The Highlights update

I know I said there would be no update this week-end, but I just couldn’t resist…

I added a cool feature to Cyca which allows you to highlight text in feed items. It’s very simple in its principle but could be very powerful.

You start by going on the new page added to your account, named “Highlights”. There, you will create your highlights by entering an expression to find in feed items, and assigning it a color.

You can create as many highlights as you want, and highlights will only be shown to you, not other users. And they are always sorted by expression.

Expressions can be a single word, or a sequence or words or characters you want to be highlighted in your feed items.

Now, everytime you list feed items, they will be appropriately highlighted:

You can see how “Cyca”, “Docker” and “Dev” appear on this particular list of feed items.

Of course, it works both on read and unread items, which means you can browse your whole feed items history, they will all be highlighted.

As the cherry on the cake, the foam on the beer, the chocolate sprinkles on the ice cream, text color automatically adapt to the highlight color to be readable in any circumstances.

This new-born feature already screams for expansion, and maybe I will indeed expand its possibilities soon. I really think it’s a must have, and it’s, as always with Cyca, extra simple to use.