Version 0.4 out !

A new version of Cyca is released, and it’s all about themes - again !

I’ve just release the 0.4.0 version of Cyca, with a lot of improvements related to themes.

The more visible upgrade is obviously related to UI, and to be more specific, the theme selector.

I love it, and I hope you would too ! But the largest part of the job has been done under the hood.

Since the 0.3.13 version, I’ve been chaining commits and releases, to make themes simpler to build, and easier to install. To do that, I pulled default themes out of the main code base and put each one of them in its own git repository.

For this 0.4 release, I created another repository to hold Cyca’s themes database, which is then used in Cyca to display the list of registered themes.

When you go into your account, in the Theme section, Cyca caches this database, and fetches themes information (the theme.json file of the theme) to display the cards with theme’s title, description, author and screenshot.

There’s even no need to “install” a theme: themes are installed on-demand. You just have to choose one, preview it, or use it. It’s dead simple, and fast. For now. This system probably won’t scale well to hundreds of themes. But really that’s not the idea. This “system” will be reserved to official themes, and hand-picked community ones. Ultimately, a future update will allow you to install a theme directly from its URL, without the need of it being in Cyca’s database.