Update: v0.3.0

A little changelog from v0.2.0 to v0.3.0, but with some features that required more work than usual:

Feature - Basic themes management (closes #13)
Feature - Import/export (closes #8)
Cleanup - Fileupload plugin is now loaded in the main call to _register_javascript
Feature - Submit button in modal is disabled upon click until a response comes from server
Cosmetic - Toolbar items are now grouped so items of a group won't wrap
Language - Updated French language
Feature - Bookmarks and feeds treeviews and listviews and friends list now have context menus (closes #11)
Cosmetic - Treeview selection is now triggered on mousedown rather than click
Cleanup - Removed obsolete code related to munee
Feature - Orphans are automatically deleted after a configurable amount of time (closes #10)
Fix - Cyca was complaining about the inexistence of the feeditem table upon fresh install (closes #12)
Cosmetic - If the real url of a document is missing, the initial url is displayed instead of a blank
Fix - Added missing code to remove a friend from friends list
Optimization - Additional javascript is no longer required for toolbars
Cosmetic - Minor markup adjustments
Fix - Path to images used by chosen is now correct